Beware the armor

October 2017 | Rennes France

Beware the armor you wear. The insulation protecting you from everything. It will protect you from the stones and arrows, but also from the cool breeze and kisses from the sun.

I so often see people insulating themselves so thoroughly, that nothing can make its way in. Making me want to yell "this is it! Right now. It's happening. That thing that you are waiting for. Take off your armor, kick back your feet, open your eyes and ears. It is upon you.". People seem to be so afraid of being "found out", "embarrassed" or being seen as "weak" (all reflections of Ego) that they hyper-insulate themselves and end up lost inside this shell. No experience is profound, no moment is appreciated. Everything is simply stored for later reminiscing. How do we make it ok to be high/drunk of life? Perhaps, we need to be so embarrassing and "out there" that everyone else feels relatively very comfortable and "normal" being themselves...