Alex "WhiteBoi" Milewski

Founder | Movement Artist


Alex Milewski is a full time movement artist, well

ness coach and educator currently based in Boulder, Colorado. Since 2006 he has competed, ta

ught and performed all around the world. His movement style is rooted in BBoying, Martial Arts, Tricking, Contemporary and House Dance. His mission is to lead people through movements and emotions that they have never experienced before, inspiring new thinking and creativity. Alex focuses on this mission full time by continuing to be a student in many styles of movement and performing, competing, and exchanging with dancers and students on a daily basis.



Based on the "Floor Flow" class structure created by Marlo Fisken and "Contemporary Breaking" also by Alex, BreakFlow is a workshop experience focused on floor movement with a bboy twist. The class will focus primarily on freestyle exercises, loops, and concept creation/interpretation.

Prerequisites: Students should be able to safely and comfortably get up and down off the floor. No prior dance experience is required, all new movements will be taught safely and progressively.


This class will use basic natural movement concepts and structures (plyometrics, pushing/pulling, reactive partner exercises, etc) along with fundamental breaking movements and techniques to create a unique, challenging and fun experience for students.

Prerequisites: Students should be able to perform several pushups and squats comfortably. No prior dance experience is required, all new movements will be taught safely and progressively.


This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn new inversion techniques and positions. We will briefly review headstands, elbowstands and handstands as foundation, but then move on to less common inversions from Yoga, Capoeira, Breaking and Circus.

Prerequisites: headstand and 2+ second handstand. Students should be familiar with basic headstands and handstands.

Breaking Fundamentals

An introductory class for beginners. This class will include an overview of the 5 elements of breaking: Toprock, Footwork, Freezes, Powermoves and Tricks. No prior dance experience necessary.


An advanced class for experienced movers and bboys/bgirls, powermoves will dig deeper into one of the most unique and fun sides of breaking: the spins! Whether you are working on windmills or airflare, this class will teach concepts and techniques that will help you train your powermoves to the next level.