Floor Flow Teacher Training

August 2018 | Boulder

The Gist

If you have never taken a Floor Flow class from Marlo, I think that is a good prerequisite for the teacher training. If you Love the class, you will Love the training. Over the course of 4 days we spent the vast majority of the time moving: whether this was soft-guided eyes closed, learning techniques, working with a partner, or moving across the floor, there was a ton of movement and floor magic. In my opinion, this is the best. Marlo makes it clear that the seminar is more about moving and learning rather than "learning how to teach Floor Flow", but clarified that "some people want the certificate" which is why she offers it. If you Love moving, playing and are able to do basic floor movements (sitting up, rolling over, push up, standing up without hands, etc*) you will most likely thoroughly enjoy the Floor Flow experience.

*When in doubt, take one of Marlo's FF classes, or hit her up directly


Marlo. Marlo is a fantastic teacher (creature?). She hit it on the head when she said "people generally take your class because they want to hang out with you". Hanging out with Marlo for 4 days straight is a bit like... being lost with a group of friends at a movement convention where all of the keynote speakers are stand-up comics and the floor is ice. I think I nailed that one. Marlo is not only a great communicator and extremely knowledgeable, but she also has a sense of humor[1] that is second-to-none and this is so important.


I had to really dig here... If there was in fact any low-light from this seminar, I would say that since we were extremely spoiled the first 2 days in the magic of Sodal Hall[2], it was definitely a bummer getting squished into the North Lobby[3] room on the third day. This just goes to show how important surfaces, spaces, lighting and "vibes" are in a movement seminar. Luckily, we got Sodall back on day 4 and we appreciated it even more : ).

The Week


Walking - arm, wind, shared wind, bubbles (adjust your shape), skating, low, down up.

Eyes closed - head, hands, feet. Both. dictate spinal movement, spine dictates, wavy aquatic vibe, floor shifting beneath.

Intros - name, position, known for.

Pattern - create flow loop with 3 of those positions

Takes a while for us to “feel” what we are doing… Very simple “combo” is less demoralizing than chores… Very easy to remember, then add details, but “no-one is ever lost”

Don’t want people to worry about right or wrong, remembering, etc.

Never want people to modify “down”. Start with simplest possible “loop” and move up.

Chest “box” flow (side slide):

Push up position —> push out

one leg comes in, up to sit, reverse with down —> pull —> push

Then can keep flowing around

Add in one simple position—> flow to/from them. Then spin. Then ATF

ATF partner walks behind: controls pace + rotation

Push back with feet —> pull fwd

Shoulder “triangle”, the Homer: spin. Homer —> switch


Homer switch

Without crossover (pulling)

Constant speed crawl

Creating loops:
Vertical levels, facing, front/down/up

Loop: give something to do, but infinite freedom

Day 2:


Star fish face up, moving in directions

Hand escaping: catch with other

Self massage: hands, feet, arms, legs, head/scalp, neck, shoulders, body….

One part of body stuck to floor, pivot but go around



Simple Loops + Creative Callouot

Flow Museum

Day 3:

Long convo on good/bad classes

Bring people “in”

Don’t lose anyone

Create that “magic” place

Society etiquette vs popup etiquette

Day 4:

Walking around Pool

Pool—> Ocean on the raft

Roll off raft —> shallow H20

Floating up/down with breath

Jellyfish/dolphin/sand trace

Moving around feet/hands

Take 2 minutes to get to the floor

Take 3.5 minutes to stand up smooth

ATF w/ full extension very slow and smooth: slow down sense more.

Powerful exercises that take no skill whatsoever to do.

Second time can me most important

Tom Wexler

Ana studio: Bamboo Body


Talk about The Book


One small glimpse of the continuous Marlo Magic....


How epic is this floor?!


Not as fun of a floor... But still fun!