Catch The Flava Camp

2017 | Krakow


To the Boulder Arts Commission and Bobby Chan the Bagel Man for making this trip possible.

The Gist

Catch The Flava is an awesome camp for bboys and bgirls to connect with others from around the globe, learn from some epic teachers and do some serious guided training. With around 100 participants, the setting was certainly not intimate, and the general "vibe" from the staff was pretty disconnected and impersonal. I would say this is the camp-equivalent of a "big jam": lots of cool people to see and learn from, but much less personal connection than a smaller local event.


Morning workouts with Hatsolo[1]. I think this was also a highlight because fewer people would attend as the week continued, so it became more tribal and intimate. Also Hatsolo shared some awesome stories which were far more memorable than anything else.


Shit food. The cafeteria we ate at served "generic" school food, which generally completely lacked nutritional value, I found every meal pretty disappointing. There was a store nearby, but with no kitchen to cook in that didn't help much.

Impersonal hosts. The camp is mostly organized by Polskee Flava crew: Kleju, Greku, Thomas, etc... However, none of those guys really welcomed or interacted with us on a personal level at all. It's always a bummer when you spend so much time/money to support someone's event (because any time anyone pays for any sort of movement experience they are supporting the creator) and then not have them give you the time of day. This was absolutely offset by all of the awesome peer and teacher interactions, but it does make me want to hold on to my money and spend it somewhere where the organizers will acknowledge me.

Day 1

Meet and greet / finding the place

Money Matters

Lots of people







There are people in the world who just have an infections passion and enthusiasm for what they do, and this passion motivated you to go crazy and sweat and bleed and scream and get WAY outside your comfort zone. Hatsolo is one of those people.

"Apart from breakdancing Hatsolo works as motivational speaker and has brought Training for Warriors (TFW) training method to his home country. In addition to his daily work at one of his gyms, he keeps himself busy by writing a blog and publishing a podcast."

Follow him: https://www.instagram.com/hatsolo/