Updated | 2019

Next time you find yourself in London, check out these local movement Hot Spots to find some incredible Movement Animals!


Centre Stage Studios (RAIN Crew)[1]

The Place[2]

Southbank Centre Cloakroom[3]

King's College Breaking Practices[4]

The Book Club (New Style Hustle class/session)[5]

Studio B. [6]


Beckton Gymnastics (East London Gymnastics Center)[7]


Capoeira Academy[8]




Parkour Spots[9]


RAIN Crew is an epic group of dancers, and they host breaking classes/open sessions many nights of the week at this DOPE studio!

Info on classes here:

They also have a very useful section on their website about oepn training spaces in London (some that we didn't get a chance to visit/include in our list):


From them: Located in the heart of London, The Place is a creative powerhouse for dance development that is leading the way in dance training, creation and performance.

We had several GREAT experiences taking classes at The Place when we were in London. They offer a drop-in morning class every day of the week for only 5 Pounds! Just be sure to pre-register because these do fill up.

Learn more and see their updated schedules on their website


This is an EPIC training spot for all styles of dance in London.

BYOS (bring your own speaker) and get down. Make sure you check out the rules and schedule in their Facebook Group for the space.


A great place to go practice

Breakin' KCL is the Breakdance, Popping and Freestyle Hip Hop Society of King's College London!

"We offer weekly lessons in Breakdance, Popping and Hip Hop. These classes are led by professional instructors hand-picked from the London hip hop dance scene.

Our society provides a free dance space for members to train, and we also organise regular dance-related events, trips and social events for you to enjoy!"

More info on their website and Facebook Group


An awesome space with tons of events!

Check out their website and look for "The Get Down": usually this is coupled with different workshops and events!!


Track down the infamous Frankie J. and take classes in many urban Styles at Studio B in Brixton Hill.

Full schedule and info here:


Epic gym for tricking, tumbling, trampoline, etc.

Mon-Fri 10am-1PM, cost: 6 Pound.


Professor Bombril is everything you know and Love about Brazilian Capoeiristas. Adult classes run Mon and Wed-Sat, but check their website for updates and specifics:


The spots below are taken directly from this webpage by Amber Rolt, but i'm capturing them here just in case the page goes away ever...

1) The logs at Regent’s Park

These are great for all levels, and the beautiful surroundings of Regent’s Park are an excellent spot for parkour. The park is great for a warm up, but be warned, this is not a good spot when it is raining as the logs can become lethally slippery and you could risk an injury.

Nearest tube: Bakerloo Line

2) IMAX Spot

The tunnels and railings around the IMAX Cinema are perfect for traceurs of all levels. The nearby Southbank skate park also offers some great spots, and now that it is allowed to stay open it will prove a great area for parkour in the city.

Nearest tube: Jubilee, Bakerloo and Northern Lines.

3) Pimlico Estate

Believe it or not, but West London has some pretty good parkour areas as well. This estate in pimlico is a great area, and there are some good jumps on offer for those that feel ready for the challenge.

Nearest tube: Victoria line.

4) Nursery Row Park

Park’s really are great for parkour (as the name suggests), and this one is the perfect spot for a summer training session. There are opportunities all around, for traceurs of all levels.

Nearest tube: Bakerloo line

5) Heygate Estate, Elephant & Castle

Plenty of jumps and rails in this estate, as well as nearby parks for an essential pre-training warm up.

Nearest tube: Bakerloo and Northern Lines.