The Notorious IBE

Heerlen | 2017

The Gist

If you are a bboy or bgirl, you know of IBE. It's "the event" in breaking. An entire city turns into a breaking universe for a weekend and bboys from all over the world converge to get down. While it is a massive event, there is so much going on (7+ venues) that you actually have a good chance of creating nice personal experiences and meeting people. Of course you still have the "big event" vibe, but it's also easy to let loose, cypher and meet people.

If you go

Be sure to check the workshops: there are generally lots of FREE workshops in the mornings by amazing teachers. Open Your Mind hosted an experimental battle when we attended in 2017 and it was a blast to participate / watch.

Tips and tricks

Couchsurfing anyone? Since Heerlen is a pretty small town, you will need to book well in advance, but we had excellent luck couchsurfing for the weekend!