House Dance Forever

Amsterdam | 2016

The Gist

HDF is a super fun, good-vibes event with insanely high level dancers from around the world. The event is almost too big, but because the venue offers multiple rooms, we found some good corners and cyphers to connect in and this made the experience more intimate and worthwhile. If you are looking to compete and you aren't semi-famous, good luck.

House Vibes

If we are going to talk about urban dance events, we need to talk about Forever. While we haven't made it out to the "main" Summer Dance Forever festival yet, we were super stoked on our experience at HDF. House is certainly such a "feelie" dance, which makes House competition-based events a bit tricky, especially large international events. However, we really enjoyed the venue for HDF (multiple stories and balconies allowed for good visibility and intimate cyphers) and the music was just incredible.

If you go

Don't miss out on the "Hip Hop In Theater" performance the night before the main event, as well as the workshops before and after! We had great experiences at both of these and would highly recommend checking them out.