Vegan Recipes

Updated | 2019

The Gist

Eating Vegan can be a little bit intimidating in the beginning, especially when you think about things you will have to "give up". The cool thing is, there are SO MANY options, and you can recreate almost anything you crave in a healthier and happier way! Here are some of my favorite recipes (although I generally just eat sweet potatoes, beans, rice and assorted veggies).

Epic Oatmeal (serves 1-4)

1 cup rolled oats : 2.5 cups water.

3Tbsp each: Peanut & "other" nut butter.

2Tbsp each: Chia Seeds & Hemp Hearts.

2Tbsp ea: pumpkin seeds & ground flaxseed.

1/4 cup nuts &/or seeds (your preference).

1 banana, 1tsp cinnamon, 1Tbsp maple syrup.

Berries, cocoa powder, fruits, WHATEVER..

PREP: Boil oats & water to texture, add all the other shit. Eat it and LOVE YOUR LIFE!