INSPIRE Academy was founded by Alex Milewski [1]in 2019.

At INSPIRE, our philosophy transcends the conventional understanding of learning. We embrace the notion of 'breathing in inspiration'—a belief rooted in the idea that inspiration is as vital to the mind as oxygen is to the body. Through the enriching process of inhaling knowledge, curiosity, and passion, we aim to fuel the growth and development of our students, preparing them to be the future shapers of our world.

In a world clamoring for innovation and leadership, INSPIRE stands as a beacon of transformative education. We understand that each learner walks a unique path filled with distinct interests, passions, and learning styles. To honor this diversity, we have meticulously designed a curriculum based around seven core pillars, each forming an integral part of our holistic approach to education, represented by the acronym 'INSPIRE':

  • Ingenious Solutions: Robotics, CAD, and Engineering

  • Nurturing Wellness: Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Embodiment

  • Social Proficiency: Communication, Teamwork, and Leadership

  • Pioneering Ventures: Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship

  • Imaginative Embodiment: Rhythm, Movement, and Kinesthetic Learning

  • Responsible Stewardship: Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Citizenship

  • Embracing Digital Acumen: Coding, AI, and Digital Literacy

These pillars serve as a comprehensive foundation to stimulate creativity, foster innovation, and equip our learners with the necessary skills to excel in the 21st century.

A Holistic Approach to Education

We believe that education extends beyond the confines of a classroom. It encompasses movement, mindfulness, and leadership development, ensuring our learners emerge as balanced, resilient individuals equipped with life skills for the modern world. A significant focus of our program is on 'executive function'—the mental skills encompassing working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control. By cultivating these abilities, we prepare our students to be self-sufficient, adaptable, and ready to tackle future challenges.

Our Learning Objectives

Creativity: We champion originality and imagination across various mediums, nurturing the capacity to conceive unique ideas and solutions.

Comprehension: Our aim is to ensure a deep understanding and application of knowledge across subjects, emphasizing executive function and promoting self-directed learning.

Collaboration: We foster an environment where teamwork, empathy, and effective communication thrive, preparing students to excel in diverse group settings.

Join us at INSPIRE as we embark on a mission to reshape education. Together, we will empower our learners to reach their full potential, shaping a future as boundless and bright as their aspirations.


Alex Milewski - Founder & Chief Mischief Manager

Alex is a dynamic Movement Artist, innovative coach, and passionate educator residing in Boulder. With a journey rooted in dance since 2005 and an academic background as a Mechanical Engineering graduate from CU Boulder in 2013, he deftly weaves the rhythm of dance with the logic of engineering.

As a dancer, Alex has ignited stages and classrooms across the globe since 2005 with his exhilarating performances, exchanges and masterclasses. His unique movement style seamlessly fuses elements of Breaking, Martial Arts, Tricking, Parkour, Animal Flow, and Infinite Play, embodying an eclectic and electrifying blend of grace and power.

Simultaneously, as an Engineer, Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a startup in Australia in 2012. Over a span of five years (and even an appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank”), he applied his technical acumen and innovative mindset to shape the company’s progress, honing his entrepreneurial and engineering skills.

Today, Alex channels his wealth of experience into empowering the next generation. He teaches movement, Engineering, and critical thinking to young minds. His mission? To inspire individuals through uncharted terrains of movement and problem-solving, sparking an active life, fresh thinking, and boundless creativity.

Dedicated to this mission full-time, Alex perpetually remains a student himself—learning, traveling, and exchanging knowledge with other enthusiasts every day. By embodying the endless cycle of teaching and learning, he continues to inspire, innovate, and influence the future leaders of the world.